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What Membership Gives You

Creative Journey - Master Course

Creative Journey - Master Course

When feeling stuck in your creative practice it's important to know where you are so you can know where you are going. This exclusive video course allows you to visualize where you are in your creative journey.  

The 6-step success path:

   1. Create Clarity

   2. Create a Space

   3. Create a Mastery Habit

   4. Create a Body of Work

   5. Create a Crowd

   6. Create an Income*

*(Income is optional. What you create has value far beyond something as common as money.)

Bi-Weekly Zoom Calls

Connect with other creatives

Twice a month we have community calls over Zoom.

We discuss the monthly theme. We celebrate successes and we help each other with challenges

All calls are recorded and archived in the members area so if you miss a week or can only join once a month you can still stay caught up with the community.

Monthly Themes

Monthly Themes

Each month we discuss topics that affect creatives at all levels. 

Previous themes have included: 

     • Those Around Us

     • Goals & Dreams

     • Project & Time Management

     • The Blessed Unrest

This allows you to learn from others how you might overcome challenges or even view things in new ways.

Private Social Network

Our social community is available as a mobile app and through any web browser.

It is not on Facebook so there are no ads or anything else competing for your attention.

Just a personal feed of creative support and inspiration.

Who is the Off-Hours Creative For?

✔️ Creatives with a few half-complete projects and a million more ideas

✔️ Creatives with an idea they've been putting off even starting. 

✔️ Creatives who finish a day of work and just don’t feel inspired to work on their own projects.

✔️ Creatives, floating from project to project, needing a simple framework to get to the next level in their skills.

🚫 This community is not for creatives looking to learn marketing or sales techniques.

Is this just for ‘Artists’?

Not at all! 
We have writers, musicians, painters and illustrators.

The skills we teach, and the support we offer, is for all creatives regardless of the discipline.

Is the price in Canadian dollars?


If you are a Canadian there is no conversion shock. The price is the price. 

If you are in America you get a built in discount just because of the conversion rate :)

Will the price ever go up?

Your price will never go up.

The price of the membership may rise over time but as long as you’re a member in good standing

the price you sign up with is the price you pay forever. 

What if I don’t do anything creative?

The fact that you are here means there is a creative soul inside looking to get out.

Exploring and discovering your creative outlet will be a more fulfilling journey than you can possibly imagine.

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